Our booths are designed to help you excel.

Why the best?

We eliminate the frustration of not having the suitable surroundings for excelling at your job. Our booths provide quiet spaces free from office noises, colleagues talking on the phone, and people interrupting your work.

Excellent sound isolation

STUDIOBRICKS designs and creates quiet spaces that offer the silence and freedom you need. We have been innovating and developing our sound controlling expertise for over 10 years. Our booths are made of high performance sound isolating materials. We provide you with a two-way sound isolation:
  1. no external noise in the cabin and
  2. inside conversations cannot be overheard from outside
Please see the sound reduction measurements reports for each product.
We provide pleasant internal room acoustics thanks to special acoustic absorbers.

Quick & easy to assemble

The Studiobricks sound isolation booths can be built in minutes and just as easily dismantled and relocated should the need arise.
Our high performance sound isolating modular panels allows easy assemble without compromising the booth’s excellent sound isolating properties.
The patented tongue-and-groove design enables easy assembly and prevents sound from escaping between the panels.

Fire safety

Our Studiobricks Office Solutions are manufactured with fire retardant materials to suit fire protection requirements. Surface materials, upholstery and acoustic materials of our products are flame retardant, tested and classified by both national or international standards.

Flexible Investment

With our booths the investment you do is flexible since you can take it with you easily should the need to move arise.
Also, our FOCUS SPACES can be made smaller or bigger after you´ve bought them. You just add some bricks or take them away.

Customized solutions

With our STUDIOBRICKS OFFICE SOLUTIONS you have all the possibilities you need and can freely choose the booth that best suits the space and needs you have:
  1. Divide a huge space into several small ones.
  2. Add a sound-controlled space in a huge and noisy industrial surrounding.
  3. Choose a colour from any RAL colour.
  4. Add your logos. We offer branding options and custom-made design solutions (e.g. design in line with CI guidelines or adaptation to existing office environment).
  5. Whatever space you have, our cabins can adapt in size (up to 50m2/booth).
  6. Put the windows and doors wherever they best serve you and change their position later on.

Design & flexibility

The proportions of our design look appealing. Our sound-controlled spaces serve as furniture which enrich and decorate your work environment.
Thanks to our patented modular system you can place the windows and doors in different positions (FOCUS booths) and also change their position later on. Besides our standard design in white (FOCUS booths), you can order our booths in all available RAL colours and have our phone booths as real eye catchers. You can relocate our HOLA, HELLO and HALLO booths easily thanks to their casters.

Well-chosen materials

The best materials that guarantee a long lasting product.
  1. Booths built of high-performance sound isolating materials.
  2. Well-chosen eco-friendly materials.
  3. Glues: layers are only stuck together with wood glue, acoustic absorbers inside are fixed with water-based adhesive.
  4. We don’t use solvents.
  5. We don’t use mineral wool or similar absorbing materials.

Helpful after-sales service

Our distributors and us are here for you should need our help with any post-sales issue. We believe in our products and are interested in long lasting partnerships and relationship with our clients.