100% freedom,
0% disturbances

We trust that our STUDIOBRICKS Office Solutions make a strong contribution to increase freedom and thus possibilities and success at work.

Invest in freedom


There’s nothing more frustrating than not having the suitable surrounding for doing your job correctly. Your colleagues talking on the phone to clients all the time, people interrupting you, noise from elsewhere…

Freedom, where?

1. On a personal level

Our products give you and your employees the freedom and space to determine your own working rhythm and needs and therefor get the best out of you and enjoy work better. You now have again the possibility to withdraw in a quiet space for some heads down focussed work or just to have sensitive conversations without being overheard from someone else. Also, you can switch easily between busy daily admin and social work and focussed, quiet concentration, creative work or high-quality communication and recordings.
We do think it is very important to have the adequate surrounding to do your job well. In some cases, home office is not possible nor desired. So, how can we design our working place in such a manner that everybody can be himself and work correctly without suffering? We offer many possibilities here and make you flexible.

2. On an organisational / facility planning level:

  1. Thanks to our booths you can design you work place to your needs. You can divide a huge place in separate small sound attenuated spaces.
  2. Our phone booths (HOLA and FOCUS) occupy few space and are a great solution for noisy open space offices, entrance halls, corridors, fairs and factories.
  3. You can maximize your space and add a whole row of HOLA phone booths in an open space office against a huge window front without losing incoming sun light. For site with very few space like corridors we do recommend a folding door for our two HOLA and FOCUS phone booth models.
  4. You can add to a noisy surrounding like a factory a wonderful working space where you just close the door and focussed office work is possible right next to production.
  5. Our FOCUS SPACES can be made smaller or bigger time after you´ve bought them. You just must add some bricks or take them away.

3. On an investment level:

Another good thing about our products that gives you freedom is that the investment you do is flexible. Thanks to our patented modular STUDIOBRICKS system you can assemble the booths and take them with you easily should the need to move arise.

Our own experience:

That´s what happened to us: In a time, our STUDIOBRICKS was growing abruptly and before we switched to a bigger office where we are now, we just put one of our FOCUS SPACES (3 x 3m) right next to the garage door of our factory. This gave us extreme flexibility to be close to all the movements happening in the company and having an extremely agile communication flow between all our company processes.
Now, being at a bigger office we use our FOCUS phone booth in our office for calls and quiet concentration. In factory we keep the 3 x 3m FOCUS SPACE for administration work that´s better made close to production. People visiting us, customers and suppliers are always amazed about the freedom we have using our own booths.