Our smallest FOCUS phone/work booth with the highest sound isolation in the market for one person. Comfortable silence to focus on what matters.




100% freedom, 0% disturbance.
Our smallest FOCUS phone/work booth with the highest sound isolation in the market for one person. Comfortable silence to focus on what matters. Comfortable privacy for high concentration work, phone calls & video conferences. Int. dim.: 1.2 x 0.9m. (4 x 3 ft)
Two way sound Isolation
No external noise. Have your conversations in privacy without disturbing your colleagues, nothing can be overheard from outside. Optimal results thanks to 10 years of specialisation in soundproofing.
Studiobricks booths are on average at 45 dB. See acoustic measurement report.
Fire safety
The Studiobricks panels and interior of the booth are developed with fire retardant material to suit requirements.
Customizable & flexible
Thanks to the patented modular system you can add windows and doors. You can order our booths in all available RAL colours ( & change the fabric of the seating. The options we offer give you freedom to design your work space and your work dynamics.
Quick & practical
Incredibly quick installation thanks to our patented modular system. See real time video of assembly within 7 ½ minutes!

Tech Specs.

Outside Dimensions 1,38 x 1,06 x 2,24 m (4.5 x 3.5 x 7.3 ft)
Inside Dimensions 0,9 x 1,2 x 2,1 m (3 x 4 x 6.8 ft)
Minimum ceiling height 2.35m (8 ft)
Weight 435kg (approx.) (1,113 lb)
Availiable for One person
Wall thickness 8cm (3.5 inch)
Ecofriendly material Yes
  • several layers pressed double skin out of fire retardant EZ MDF and acoustic foam.
  • layers are only stuck together with wood glue.
  • no use of mineral wool or similar absorbing materials.
  • acoustic absorbers inside are fixed with water-based adhesive.
  • water-based paint, no use of solvents.
Fire safety Yes (see Q&A)
Two-way sound isolation Yes
Acoustic measurement (dB) 45 dB
  • Pleasant room acoustics by the use of special acoustic absorbers
  • Sound control glass door


Painting White
Glass door Sound proof door with sound proof lock, left & right hand opening, always opening to the outside
Possible window addition Yes
Integrated desk Both available
  • Normal desk height (75cm)
  • Stand up bar stool height (105cm), white water-based lacquer
Power connection 2 outlets and 1 USB port
Soundproof ventilation kit
  • with easy filter exchange
  • extremely quiet
  • programmable
  • several intensity levels
  • not connected to the occupancy sensor, so the booth is ventilated constantly
Carpet Anthracite bound
Integrated lighting LED light with sensor
Acoustic absorber Grey.
Wi-fi/mobile Phone signal use of already existing Wi-Fi network is possible, mobile phones and tablets can also be used as our cabins let cellular signals pass.
Casters No
Extra equipment
Custom colour Select from all RAL colours +10% extra cost.
Branding (in line with CI guidelines or adaptation to existing office) Custom-made design solutions
Seating Optional couch seating, different fabric (fire-retardant) options, see price list
Special coating Special resistant acrylic surface for use at trade fairs and road shows with frequent assembly and disassembly.
Additional windows Yes
Ethernet port Optional ethernet port.
ON AIR signal Lights up to signal occupancy, connected to the sensor
iPad/tablet holder With 3 positions
Desk Hinged