Our Story

Sound attenuation and quick assembling were our aim from the beginning.

Our Story

All started because one person had a good idea out of his personal need. And this idea proofed as good. With time new opportunities and synergies were discovered.

The origins of the original STUDIOBRICKS BOOTH

Studiobricks S.L. is an innovative company with a vivid history. Its origins go back to 2008 when the first STUDIOBRICKS booth was build out of the personal need of its founder Guillermo Jungbauer. He needed a rehearsal space with good acoustics to play his saxophone without bothering his neighbours at night after work in a normal downtown apartment.

The first bricks for the now patented STUDIOBRICKS modular system were developed with acoustic engineers. Success was there from the beginning and so the company was born. In November 2008 Studiobricks S.L. starts to operate with a solid and independent growth. In 2018 there are about 50 workers employed at the factory.

From its head office in Barcelona the company expanded its sales network throughout the world. Miguel Donoso-Cortés founded Studiobricks USA Inc. and develops the USA market from NYC since 2015. Studiobricks has shipped worldwide to 49 countries.

The Original Studiobricks booths are all produced in our own factory in Lliçà de Vall, close to Barcelona (Spain) and our head office is right above the production line. That means that we have the control on the product development.

Final usage of our booths

In the past 3-4 years we´ve noticed more and more demand for office solutions such as phone booths, work, meeting and conference rooms. Until then our cabins were bought mainly by musicians, voice over artists, recording studios, music schools, universities, hospitals and the sanitary sector (audiology), also by people who want to sleep inside or play their video games e.g.
So, right now there are the three main areas we are selling for: music & recording, office solutions, audiology. studiobricks.com

STUDIOBRICKS Office Solutions

We soon noticed that there is also a growing demand for sound controlled private spaces in offices for phone calls, call and video conferences, meetings, creative work, conferences. At the Musikmesse in Frankfurt we observed for the first time that people would go inside the cabins not only with their instruments, but also to lock inside for phone calls.

So, it was a question of time to receive also orders for phone booths from Architects and Office suppliers.

We have been serving the office market as manufacturers for about four years.

In October 2018 on the ORGATEC fair we launch our own brand, STUDIOBRICKS Office Solutions.

Parallel to this we are having a strong relationship with the team of the coworking company WeWork. Together we created an exclusive phone booth with unique design initially having the German phone booth (TelH78 ) of 1978 as objective . These booths are being installed in the US and all over Europe in WeWork buildings.